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Here are some awesome artists and their amazing work!

Lucy cosplay colouring

Coloring of Grimmjow

Angry Yachiru!!



Maid Lucy by Yachiru-likes-candy
Maid Lucy
This is a drawing i did for a video. The video was to show everyone that you don't need the most expensive colouring pencils out there to make great art. I used Crayola Colouring pencils and WHSmith watercolour pencils.

The video will be uploaded to YouTube soon and i will place the link here when it's done :) 

Thank you for all the faves :heart:

Sketch book!

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 11, 2014, 8:47 AM
What is the best sketch book top use for traditional colouring? I can't seem to get the right one and my artwork is all patchy??!! Please comment your best sketch pads so i can get a rough idea what to use.

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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 30, 2014, 3:45 PM
Here I have the first chapter to my Bleach Fanfiction. I posted this ages ago but I'm not sure if I should re-write it and make it slightly different. My writing has improved since I had written this so it's kind of crappy. Please let me know your thoughts. 


"Burn, Hi-Ryuu" I called out to my trusty double Zanpukuto ready for it to turn into its Shikai form. As it transformed into a sword that was indulged in fire and that must have been over 1000 degrees. I got ready and aimed for the target that I had set up for my training at the end of the field. It may have been a long way for me to reach, but this was a target I had set myself and I was going to achieve it.

The wind blew through my long purple hair and my bright green eyes fixated on the target and my left eye struggled slightly to adjust as its recovery wasn't complete yet and was noticeable with a scar. My shinigami loose clothing was swaying to the wind and the breeze was calming me for me to concentrate on the long set target.

I slowly took a deep breath and used a little amount of reiatsu to use this attack as too much would reveal in a full blow forest fire. I raised one of my Zanpukuto in the air and swung forward locking my eyes with the target and released the fire power within me. It flew through the air and hit the target dead centre; it caught alight and then turned to ash.

A smile of accomplishment smirked on my face and that all the hard work of training alone had paid off, then what it would have done if I was training with my squad. I had been practising that move for most of the morning and every time I would hit the target in the same place, so after the 100th try I knew that it was to call it quits.

As the two Zanpakuto changed back to their normal form I placed them behind my back ready for it to be used again when needed. As I was about to walk away back to my squad and then off to home, I heard clapping sounds behind me. I turned around I saw the Captain's of Squad 8 and 13, Kyōraku Shunsui and Ukitake Jūshirō behind be. I was quite surprised that I didn't feel their reiatsu approach me but they might have subdued it so I wouldn't loose the concentration for my attack.

I wondered for a moment as to why they where watching me train and not with their own squads training, but I would never confront that to them as those two are my superiors and well respected in the Seireitei, so they must have reasons. I bowed my head and acknowledged them "Good afternoon Captain Kyōraku and Ukitake, what can I help you with".

"Good afternoon, but we don't need anything we were just wondering around the training grounds and saw your display" I rose my head again and noticed it was Captain Kyōraku that spoke to me. I was slightly nervous that they happened to see what I could do but they seemed to have a calm look on their faces, so I wasn't in any trouble as far as I'm aware.

"It was very impressive, your fire and accuracy on attack was amazing you also have a duel Zanpakuto, very rare. What is your name and what squad are you in?" Captain Ukitake said to me. I knew that having a duel Zanpakuto was very rare and only the two Captains before me have only got them. My squad knows I have one but I rarely use them as I never get a change to fight as they would just but-in before I got a chance, ahh I hate my squad. I straightened myself out and looked at the two Captain's that were waiting for my reply.

"Erm…I'm Michiko Nakamura and I'm from squad 6". I was a little nervous to what they had to say and that why I wasn't with my squad training but they still looked calm enough not to yell tell me to get back with my squad members.

Both of them looked at each other and smiled and then looked at me "So you're a squad member of Byakuya Kuchiki He has trained you very well for you to be at this level of Shinigami, he must be proud of you" Captain Ukitake said to me.

I hung my head and replied to him in a haste voice "You would think that right but he doesn't know I exist because I never get a chance to prove myself in front of him and I don't even have a seat ranking. The reason I'm here is because I train alone and to get stronger by myself without distractions and judgement. No one in that squad respects me and shuns me away just because I'm a woman and women in their eyes are weak." A tear was now forming in my eye of all the memories of the each squad member picking on me and making fun of me just because I was a of the female species and the only woman in the squad and that no woman would amount to how strong a man could be, that's the way of my squad and I hated every last minute of it.

I clenched my fists together in anger of the repressed memories that come up to the surface. I was used to getting picked on and the only two who didn't where my Lieutenant Renji Abarai and the Captain, but he never really noticed me to make fun of me.

Captain Kyōraku walked up to me and placed a hand on my shoulder for comfort. I did make me feel better but that's not going to stop all the memories disappearing just like and my hatred towards my own squad. "Why haven't you tried a transfer?" he said to me and I looked up into his greys and I knew that he was concerned, but why should he, he doesn't know me that well and my suffering.

I cleared my throat "Don't you think I have tried that but every time I filled out the form for a transfer it always came back saying declined, so I train on my own far away from the squad to get better for myself and myself alone" Both of the Captain's seamed to be thinking and looked at each other communicating by silence, which was probably of all the years of being great friends, they knew what the other was thinking, it would be nice to have someone like that. Captain Ukitake walked over as well and placed his hand my other shoulder that was free and looked directly into my eyes.

"Can I ask a personal question?" He looked at me with his brown eyes with also concern and it's the most concern I have had in years from someone other than my friends but that was hardly ever as I never really talked to them much. "Of course fire away" as I said this he seamed relived that he could ask such a question from me considering we have only really just met.

"Well with your power I'm guessing there is more to you isn't there so my question is, have you reached Bankai?" I was shocked that he would say that but really should I have been shocked because I knew that they both saw my power and it was probably the question that was going on in both their minds. It was fair question but a question that should I answer to it. But the answer to that question could possibly change my life forever and maybe it would be a good thing.

"Yes" I said quietly and unsure of what my reaction from both of them would be, they both smiled and stood back to face me "Well can we see it?" Captain Kyōraku asked. I wasn't sure if I should show them because the Bankai release was very hot and suffocating, probably the reason I never really used it unless it was a life threatening situation and well, that hasn't happened yet. "Are you sure?" I replied to them hoping they might change their minds but the look they were giving me, I guess not.

"Please we would like to see where you actually belong and not an unseated talented woman" Captain Kyōraku remarked. Wow he said a talented woman not girl, well he's a ladies man and I knew that he likes to complement them just to gain their heart, but this was a totally different situation and he didn't look like he was messing around. It was still was nice to hear it from someone and to notice that I am a woman even if I am 5.2 woman and not a young girl not capable of anything, well here goes nothing.

"Bankai Burn, Migotona Hi-Ryuu," I roared and within seconds my Zanpukuto's transformed into a fire indulged dragon with a double tail right beside me ready for battle. It was about the second time I have actually seen her like this but she would always talk to me through my Zanpukuto when I was lonely or appeared in my dreams when I was troubled, but in reality she was absolutely stunning. She gave out a menacing roar and both of the Captain's covered their eyes from the brightness of the flames and the heat that radiated off from her. For me I didn't feel a thing, I loved the heat and fire was my favourite element. Plus her special ability was that I couldn't get hurt by her fire but my enemies could, so if they thought about shooting my own attack against me it wouldn't work, neat huh!

"Wow that's amazing, such power and beauty. Shunsui I think we have found the person for the job" Captain Ukitake remarked as he released his arm away from his eyes as Migotona Hi-Ryuu clamed down.

"You're right Jūshirō, she's the one. Michiko you may recall back your Zanpakuto's now we have seen enough" I did what I was told but it puzzled me that all I did was release her and that was it, no demonstration, nothing. But like I said they have their reasons and I respected that. The thing is what did they have in store for me when they said that I was the right person for the job? What was going on in their minds as to think I was worthy of something?

I placed my Zanpakuto's back in their place and I turned back around to face the two Captains with a confused look upon my face. They seemed to pick on my confused state because Captain Kyōraku answered before I got the chance to.

"I know why you are confused but let us explain" I nodded and so he continued to tell me. "Well we have been looking for someone that could fill the place of Captain for squad 3, that's the reason we are out here at the training grounds is that no one from the academy or in other squads are even ready for such task. Then we found you and we think that you will be perfect for it!"

Well this is such a surprise, me a Captain, a leader of my own squad. I couldn't believe what I'm hearing, so they really think that I'm perfect for this job even though they have only seen what I'm capable of in just a release of my Zanpakuto's and that's it. No they are pulling my leg or this is a really fucked up dream that I'm having and can't wake up from. I pinched my arm to find out if it was a dream or not but the results I got was a pain in my arm and really confused looks from each of the Captains.

"Haha I know it might be hard to believe but when you released your Zanpakuto's I felt the amazing power of your reiatsu that was indeed that of Captain ranking. But you don't have to do this if don't want to, the choice is yours" Captain Ukitake said to me with a warming smile and I couldn't help but smile back at him.

"Why thank you but I didn't know that I was high in reiatsu I thought it was average but maybe because it was my own and that I can't feel it. But the offer sounds like something I have been looking for and a ticket out of my squad into my own. But before I agree are you sure that you are not pulling my leg and playing a really bad joke". Both of the Captains laughed at that and I found it hard to see what was so funny, maybe it was a joke and at any minute now the whole seireitei will come out and laugh with them. The laughing died down and no one jumped out to say 'you got fooled' so maybe this wasn't a joke.

"No isn't a joke but now we have confirmed that, so do you want to take the Captain's exams?" Captain Kyōraku said as he approached me and rested his arm on my shoulder, what seems like support. I hate when people do that because it reminds me that I'm short and child like and not someone who wants to reason with. But I will leave it there for now and when I possibly do become a Captain I can shove his arm off me and say a witty remark that I really want to say at this moment.

"Yes I would like to take the exam! So when is it?" I asked them and they seemed very embarrassed to tell me for some reason, I wonder why? "Well the exam is tomorrow" Captain Ukitake replied and rubbed his hand to the back of his neck.

What! Tomorrow, great I have no time to prepare for this. Why couldn't it have been in like a week or something but no it's tomorrow. They saw the nervousness and anger in my eyes but kept cool even though they knew it was short notice.

"Sorry for you not being able to prepare but we think that you will do great and hopefully by tomorrow afternoon you may be the new squad 3 Captain" This was when Captain Kyōraku lent off me and looked into my eyes and said "Good luck, we will see you at the examination at 1pm tomorrow" with that he tipped his hat and him and Captain Ukitake walked back to once where they came, probably to tell the Head Captain that they had a candidate for the Captain position.

Ok this is not I was expecting when I came out for training today but it was a future that I could look forward to than being in a squad I hated and not gaining experience while being a lowlife Shinigami in squad 6.

I sighed and thinking that I need to calm and relax before I head off to the examination tomorrow. The thing is should I tell Captain Kuchiki that I'm taking the exam or just go without his order. Well up to this point I have never asked my Captain if I could do anything before so I'll just do what I have been doing for the past 30 years.

I think that a drink of sake might help me calm my nerves and a chat with some friends would be a good idea, just so I take my mind off it until I head off for the examination tomorrow.

As I approached the bar I noticed that one of my friends was already drinking in the early afternoon, Rangiku Matsumoto. She was one of the women that I admired as she was so free and open and I was enclosed and subconscious. She was also a Lieutenant and she was no slouch when it came to fighting but when paperwork was involved she just run off before Captain Hitugaya could have chance to catch her. That was probably the reason why she is here so early in the afternoon.

"Hey Michiko over here!" Rangiku shouted over the noise of the room and waved me over for me to sit with her. On a closer inspection I saw that she was drinking with my Lieutenant and Lieutenant Shuhei Hisagi of squad 9. Trying to act like nothing was on my mind and this was general drinking session and not a calming recipe I waved back and wondered over to the table and took a seat to the left of Rangiku which happened to be on the end of the table. Great the centre of attention, I hate being the centre of attention. But the thing is I am going to have to get used to that as by tomorrow afternoon I might be managing a squad and then indeed I will be the centre of attention.

"Hey. So Rangiku got out of doing paperwork again" I said to the strawberry blond with a smirk on my face and others chuckled at my question. "Yea and this time the trick was if I left after training and never go back to squad barracks I wouldn't have an earful of 'Rangiku where the hell are you going, there is paperwork that needs to be done' from the Captain" each one of laughed at Rangiku's attempt to mimic Captain Hitsugaya's voice and surprisingly is wasn't half bad.

"Haha yes you saved yourself there" I continued laughing until I was interrupted by my Lieutenant. "Wait a minute aren't you in my squad?" Renji asked me slightly sipping his drink.

"Yes I am and I'm only female within our squad so you should know wow I am or are you like the rest and shun me because of that fact!" my anger rose to him even though I don't know why I was raising my voice at him maybe it's the nerves are kicking in and I don't know how to calm them but he lent back in his chair unfazed by my outburst.

"Of course I know who you are your name is Michiko Nakamura right? Plus I was just asking a question no need to bite my head off!" I sighed "Sorry just one of those days Lieutenant I didn't mean to snap and yes I am" everyone glanced at me and then Rangiku placed a cup of sake in front of me. "Come on drink this it will make you fell better". I'm not sure if it will make me fell better in the morning but I do need it to calm my nerves at the moment. So I took the cup and had a sip of the bitter tasting liquid.

"So what's got you so worked up, by the looks of it your nervous about something?" Shuhei questioned me and took sip of his drink. Should I tell them what's happening tomorrow or should wait till it happens because I don't even know yet if I'm going get the job? Plus my Lieutenant is here and he might tell the Captain about it, well that if he listens to him.

"If I tell you will not repeat to anyone and that includes the Captain Renji!" I pointed to him and he raised an eyebrow at me in confusion to what possibly could he not tell the Captain but nodded none the less. "Sure you have my promise" the others nodded to, so I lent in and the three of them followed in suit.

"I was training this morning alone and when I had finished Captain Kyōraku and Captain Ukitake where behind me the whole time. They liked my skills and asked who I was, so I told them. The next thing I knew they asked if I had reached Bankai!" The three gasped in shock but kept on a low so no one could hear which I was thankful for.

"So have you?" was the reply from Rangiku who was resting on the left hand staring at me for the answer, which kind of made me uncomfortable. I swallowed and replied "Yes".

"No way really when did this happen!" Renji said and held me by the shoulders as her reached over the table and looked into my eyes.

"Erm I don't know about a month ago, and please don't tell the Captain. I know you have a Bankai but you are a Lieutentant not an unseated Shinigami" he nodded and sat back down so I could continue with the rest of the story.

"Well I told them I did and they asked me to show them. So once I showed my Bankai they asked for it to be put away with no demonstration of what she could do. They then said that I was perfect for the Captains examination that is being held tomorrow!"

This is when the whole table gasped and that got the attention of the whole bar, but when they noticed that nothing major happened they all turned back around and continued drinking. I sighed again at the outburst and I shouldn't have been surprised that they would react like that; if one of them said the same thing to me I would have acted the same way.

"So how you feeling?" was what Shuhei asked me when everyone got over the shock. "A bit nervous, so that's the reason I'm here is to calm my nerves before the exam tomorrow. So Renji I beg you please don't tell the Captain!"

"Sure but you know he is going to find out soon enough right?" I nodded and took a sip of my drink and signed once again. Sure he going to find out eventually but then I'll be at the same level and he can't do much, hopefully.

"Yeh I know but for now it will give me time to think of something to say to him" he nodded again and downed the rest of his drink and all the while kept his glance upon me, probably still fazed with this whole information. It's true that we hardly know each other but when one of your own quad members and not even a seat ranking goes higher than you, it must be hard on him.

"So then let's forget about what happened today and get on with tonight! Who's up for more sake!?" Rangiku shouted over the whole table which echoed through the bar because the entire room roared with excitement and lifted their glasses up. "Here, here!"

Oh great I really don't want to drink that much because I need to focus for tomorrow and a hangover when taking the most important test in possibly my whole life, not a chance. But I raised my glass anyway and rested my head in right palm and gazed across the room thanking about what tomorrow will bring me.

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